Cielo Paridiso (Paradise Sky)

Mark and I went on a wonderful hike  on Saturday,  It was a total of 6.6 miles up and down some pretty steep hills. We went out to the local reservoir and back.  The hike was organized by a very friendly and outgoing  woman who is originally from the U.S.   She was nice enough to  pick us up and drive us to the meeting site since we weren’t sure exactly it was.   The  “out and back” route took about 2.5 hours to complete. The  vistas were striking,  not something I feel like a camera could ever capture — but I tried.

Part of the Cielo Paridiso trail

I also used my “runkeeper” app to see precisely how far it was, and what the altitude was.  (I might be a little obsessive about tracking my mileage.) It was an “out and back”, some small ups and downs in the middle, but the hill we had to get back up to finish felt BIG.  I checked, and it was an altitude change of 300 feet about 3/4 or a mile.  My rough math says that’s “only” a 10% grade but it felt hard.  Here’s a pic of the hill we ended on:

The long hill

The fencing isn’t very pretty, but ignore that. Look instead at the very top of the dirt road, where the trees  hit the blue sky – that’s where we walked. Even Mark’s heart rate was up by the time we reached the top!  Speaking of obsessive, he still went to the gym after we finished the walk — huh??  Not enough cardio on the hike???