We’re back! (Online, that is)

Sorry we’ve been out of touch for so long. We moved into our new place and had to order internet service ourselves – yikes.  I have no problem admitting, I was dreading going to the Cable and Wireless office to get the service set up, imagining all sorts of paperwork, and my less-than-pigeon  type Spanish being ridiculed. Turns out, it couldn’t have been easier!

The one woman they have doing the new account set up speaks perfect English — she went to school in San Francisco for two  years and is now studying to be an English As a Second Language teacher.  To get things started, she needed a phone number either for us or our neighbors, which we don’t have.  No problem — we told her where we live (pretty much right across the street from the office) and she remembered the owner of the complex, as well as the last tenant who lived here.  As she was going through different files, we saw little plastic baggies of cash stapled to the paperwork. Guess that explains the armed guard at the office. We were told on Monday that we would have service in 3-5 business days, but the guy came today.  We’re still having some technical difficulties with our ipods and the network here in the house (strange, since we used the same router in the last house without problems) but the laptops are fine .

And …  this will be our first foray into paying bills Panamanian style —  no bills will be delivered here, instead, we go have to go into the office once a month to find out how much we owe, and of course, payment is due on the spot.

There’s some sort of irony there, paying for 2012 tech capabilities via such a circa-1800 method!

Hope everyone is doing well!