One letter changes things.

Everyone says, You don’t need to learn Spanish to travel Central America. I guess that’s true, you don’t NEED to learn Spanish — but you really should.

It’s just good manners, and everyone here in Boquete seems to really appreciate  any efforts made.  But, my efforts have shown me WHY (I think ) there might be so many non English speaking residents of the US — it’s HARD to learn another language. And you totally open yourself up to ridicule in the process.

For example, I wanted to say It’s getting late. I need to go. I am very hungry. I tried ” Se hace tarde. Debo ir. Tengo mucho hambre.”

I was so, so close….but an “o” instead of “a” in Hambre changes a lot. As far as I can tell, what came out of my mouth would be roughly interpreted as : “It’s getting late. I need to go.  I have much man.”

The woman I was speaking to laughed with me, not at me, but not before she allowed her eyes to slide up and down my husband, and smiled appreciatively.

Yep.  Time to invest in those Spanish lessons.