I love technology!!

Another digital book available for checkout -- YEA!!

Technology is WONDERFUL.   AMAZING.  Typically when I’ve been this grateful for technology, it’s been for work reasons. Surely anyone who has worked for a geographically diverse company must have marveled at one time or another oer how we can work so seamlessly across thousands of miles, sometimes without ever meeting our distant  colleagues. But today, I’m celebrating the capabilities we have in our personal life. Seriously, the things we have access to from Panama, for free, are MIND BOGGLING. For instance:

I have a library card and an internet connection, therefore, I can check out books on my laptop, my iPhone and my kindle, from anywhere in the world!  (The photo above is of Happy Valerie, reading that there’s another book available for checkout from DigitalLibraryNJ.) And I never incur late fees – a real selling point for me, someone who has been known to return books a couple of days late.( Or weeks, months maybe, and  in at least one case – years.)

With aforementioned internet connection – we can watch US-based TV – CBS,ABC, CW, Fox – no cable service needed. It’s actually Philly based TV too, don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not.  Cable service is affordable here, about $35 for a selection of channels that would probably cost $100 in NJ, but really, there are only 2 or 3 English-speaking channels – just not worth it.

Again, courtesy of the internet – phone calls via Skype! The calls themselves are free if it’s Skype user to Skype user, which is astounding .But for $30 a year, you can get a phone number so non-Skype users can call in too.  Even better – we can use our iPhone just like a regular phone to make calls via Skype whenever there’s wifi!!

This next one is not quite free, but still—as of the end of last year, Netflix is now available in Panama!! Movies and TV shows streamed through our laptop – wow!

Don’t know HOW I would have managed the expat life 40 years ago, before all of these modern conveniences….wait a minute….my parents did just that, hauling their 4 kids through the Caribbean in the 60s and 70s. Guess that’s proof it can be done, and they deserve a big “high five” for their efforts — it’s a LOT easier this way. 🙂