Running is Fickle

A beautiful place to Run

Today during my run, I was reminded of a Nike ad from several years ago. I think it was debuted in the movie What a Woman Wants, at least, that’s the only clip I could find of it. It compared getting ready for a run to getting ready for a date, and concluded  that a woman doesn’t have to do anything to impress Running/The Road except show up.

Well, Running and I have had an on/off/on again relationship for the last 19 years, and I have to say, I disagree. I’ve found Running to be quite fickle. Miss a few dates with Running, and It will torture you, painfully, each step of the way, until deciding you’ve paid adequately.


Miss a lot of dates with Running, and try to pick things up where you left them, and Running will kick you in the shins, step on your feet, take shots at your knees — some pretty serious stuff — which makes you miss more dates.

Even if you keep your Running dates, taking it on exotic routes with beautiful scenery,  if you put less effort into your time together than Running thinks is deserved — It will play hard to get, and limit your ability to get pleasure from Running .  And if you spend TOO much time with Running, It may very well stoop to something as primitive as pulling off toenails.

See?  Running is fickle.

Which is my way of saying that my marathon training is NOT going well. I’m putting in the time, really haven’t stood Running up at all in the last several months, but I’ve sort of two- timed It, by throwing in more walk breaks over the past three weeks instead of fewer. People encouragingly yell things my direction, telling me (in Spanish) to keep up with Mark, tackle the hills, go faster, etc. Yeah, right.  I’ve mastered saying “He’s a much better {mejor, not mujer – I get that right these days} runner than I am”  and “It’s ok, he always comes back for me.”

But, I am not discouraged! Not much anyway.  Training continues, and I am ever optimistic that tomorrow, Running will see the error of it’s ways, and decide once again to start treating me properly. 🙂


I usually try to tailor my Blog entries around Valerie’s comments.  Considering her analogy of running to dating/relationships I am not, in this case,  sure if that is a great idea.

Nevertheless, here it goes!

As I mentioned previously, running here can be hard, even excruciating at times.  Some days you just don’t know how you are going to get out and take those first few strides.  I shudder to think that Valerie ever felt such unease when preparing for any of our dates?

Despite the some time feeling of dread, Valerie always summons the determination to take those first steps outside the front door.   Again, no correlation to our dating experience, right?

Once we get going, the adrenaline kicks in and Valerie shows fierce determination in an effort to meet her objectives.  It can be frustrating when results are not always what she is hoping for.  Okay, should I be taking her comparison to dating personally?

Despite the challenges, and perceived setbacks, Valerie maintains an extremely positive attitude.  Following each run she immediately begins to contemplate her strategy moving forward.  Now that I think about it, she did that with our dates too, hmmm!

It may be taking longer than she expected but I am confident that one day we will be consistently running stride by stride.  Actually, I am wary that our running will one day be better characterized by a more recent Nike Ad, “I Will Run to You”.

It depicts a young man and woman who set out on opposite ends of the country in an effort to run towards each other and meet half way.  In case you are wondering, Valerie is the vibrant, poised runner easily pacing herself on her long journey cross country!

ONE MORE COMMENT FROM VALERIE:  Aww, my husband is so positive and supportive. But of course, he’s crazy if he thinks I was that hesitant at any stage of our short courtship.  I bounded out of the house each time we met. 🙂 Now, is that too sickeningly sweet for a middle age woman to say about her husband?