Back in Boquete


View from our porch

First, let me say that our 6 weeks in the States were busy. We were in Iowa to see Lanie take 6th nationally in the women’s 3000 meter steeplechase – yea Lanie! Congrats again for your All American status – athletic AND academic!! (But for the life of me, I can’t find a picture of her incredible finish, or one of her on the stand, getting her medal.) The team came in second, for the fourth year in a row. On one front, they were of course disappointed – one of the reporters asked if “Oregon” was going to be engraved on the second place trophies going forward! – but, they scored a tremendous amount of points, enough to win in almost any other year, so there was still lots to celebrate.

We also got to spend a few weeks in Chicago, with my sister DD, her family, and my middle son Jay. We went to New Jersey for a few days, and were able see most of Mark’s family. Then, we drove out to Indiana and spent two weeks there, visiting with my son Kevin, his wife Emily, her family, and of course, with our very first grandchild, Roman James Thompson.


We squeezed lots of visits into 6 weeks, but I wish we had been able to see the rest of Mark’s family in NJ, and mine in Florida.

And now we are back, getting into the rhythm of our new place. It’s ¾ of a mile further out of town than the last place, which means a mile to the gym, a little bit further than that to the grocery store, and 1½ miles to the library. That may not sound like much, but it means that on our library days, our “commute”  (still no car) is 5 miles in total, just to go back and forth to the library, gym and store!   It seems like quite an effort sometimes (like when it’s raining and we’re walking up our big hill with groceries and 20 pounds of laundry, after going to the gym) but my hope is that we will get used to it.

Lanie and her friend Courtny will be arriving later today, using our place as their home base as they explore Panama. The price of their stay will be a guest blog – something to look forward to next week!