A Note from our Guests

Lanie and Courtny scootering through the mountains

Hi there! Greetings from Eugene, Oregon!  After settling back into a normal life, my friend Courtny and I have finally had the time to write our “guest blog,” after an awesome trip visiting my mom and step-dad. Now we could probably go on for pages and pages, but for the sake of room and time, we’ll stick to just a few key stories.

First of all, on the flight over, Courtny and I both concluded that we had no clue what Panama even looked like besides the few pictures I saw of my mom’s and of course, the endless images on Google.  But how accurate could these crazy beautiful pictures on Google be? Well, let us tell you-ACCURATE!

Typical view in Boquete

Where my mom lives in Boquete is ridiculously pretty, full of coffee farms, mountains, and a river running through the center of town down from the mountains.  Court and I were lucky enough to rent a scooter and venture our way through the hilly roads. To be honest, hilly is an understatement-those inclines were intense. I don’t know how my mom and Mark run them, I tried, and had to walk! Anyways, it was beautiful! Despite the fact that Court and I got absolutely poured on, caught in a storm in the mountains, that scooter ride was definitely a highlight. Actually, the fact that it rained so hard, making it nearly impossible to see and drenching us as if we jumped into a pool, made the scooter ride that much more fun!

Living life with my mom was pretty fantastic. Running/walking/yoga in the morning, walking into town for groceries in the afternoon, and playing games at night…sounds like a wonderful vacation to me! Cheap, fun, and cozy!  We could have stayed in Boquete all week, but Courtny and I decided to check out Bocas del Toro, and boy are we glad we did!

We hit up two beaches while in Bocas-red frog beach and starfish beach-both great, but both very different! Red frog beach was more Courtny’s cup of tea, while starfish beach was perfect for me. So it was a great compromise! Oh, did I mention that I couldn’t have picked a better travel partner? Everything was so easy with Court, we never got upset with each other so we were always having a ton of fun! Anyways, red frog beach had some good waves, Courts favorite! She convinced me to go boogey boarding (to say I get scared easily of waves is an understatement), but once I was out there it was GREAT! We had a blast! Starfish beach, on the other hand, had no waves and crystal clear water. We went snorkeling, laid out on the white sandy beach, and just relaxed. We also had the BEST meal here, made by a family that was working the water gear on the beach. Perfectly cooked chicken, coconut flavored rice, and delicious fried plantains. I can still taste it! Mmmmm! The only downfall of this trip is we both got incredibly burnt. Typical American tourists huh? I am unfortunately still peeling from this adventure!

Needless to say, I don’t think we could have had a better time. We spent two nights in Panama City, three nights in Boquete, and two nights in Bocas del Toro. My favorite thing you might ask? Spending time with my mom in her new element. It was so cool to finally experience what she always talks and writes about! And no mom, I am not just saying this 🙂 As far as our favorite adventures, Courtny and I couldn’t pick just one, hence why we talked about three in our blog (scooter ride, red frog beach, and starfish beach).

It’s been a hard adjustment going from vacation life to real life, but we feel so thankful for everything we had the chance to experience in Panama. It was truly great!

God bless and until next time (we hope there is a next time!)…keep reading my mom’s blog! 🙂

Courtny & Lanie

{Let me, Valerie, add that it was fabulous having my daughter and her friend visit! Besides teaching us spades and and a strangely addictive dice game called “Fill it”, they  left whipped cream in our fridge, which we are now adding to our once healthy smoothies.  They also left us with a quote, after they ran Mark’s route a few times — “Mark, you deserve bread with every meal.” (Definitely an inside joke, addressing the Keating compulsion to include bread with meals already carb-laden!). It seemed very quiet the first day or two after they left! }