The Stage is set – more baseball, Granadino style!

La Calzada Calle at 6:30am -- my how it will changein 12 hours!

La Calzada Calle at 6:30am — my how it will change in 12 hours!

As Valerie and I ventured out early Sunday evening we were both quite hungry but had no idea where we wanted to go for dinner.  We decided to head through the Central Park, past the Cathedral, and stroll down La Calzada to see what stuck our fancy.

La Calzada is basically a pedestrian street but in typical, yet inexplicable, Central American style cars, buses and motorcycles navigate through the crowds.  On most nights the area is bustling with activity.  However, on this somewhat coolish night as we approached the quarter mile stretch that is lined on both sides, with restaurants specializing in every imaginable international cuisine, we could sense extra excitement was in the air.

It quickly became apparent that like the fans blowing their horns at the Granada Stadium and the families following broadcasts in their homes, the revelers on La Calzada were cheering on the home team Los Orientales.  It seemed that every establishment on the strip had set up televisions inside and outside as a way of catering to their clientele’s thirst for playoff baseball action.

Still unable to make a decision on where to dine after we walked down one side of the street, we crossed over to the other side and started back up towards the square determined to make a decision quickly.  Luckily, as we approached a Mexican Restaurant, the female owner with a persistent approach and commandeering presence showed us an open table on the sidewalk.

I glanced at the placement of the table and my eyes were immediately drawn to the television which was directly in front of it and, of course, tuned to the ballgame.  As an added benefit it was happy hour and Nicaragua’s national drink, the Macua (rum withe guava juice and lime) was being offered as a two for one special.   Our search was over, Mexican Cuisine it was!

Once we settled into our seats and started to watch the game I could finally get a sense of the stakes!  Who was winning this game?  Where did the series stand?  What lied ahead for the victor?

However, my wife informs me, lovingly, that my Blogs can sometimes tend to be a bit lengthy, so check back later for my next installment of Baseball Fever in Granada.