The Old, the New and the Make-Do

Granada has a rhythm and pace unlike any other city I’ve visited. Mark and I thought perhaps the best way to capture it would  be through a (mostly) photo essay, showing some of the different modes of transport we’ve observed here.

The milkman

The milkman

The guy on the motorcycle beeped, and the woman next door came out with her bucket and jug. The milkman opened up the container on the side of his bike, dipped a big scoop in and poured out her fresh milk. I asked, and he told me it’s 15 cordobas a liter — that’s about .625 cents a liter, 2.37 a gallon. We’ve opted not to partake of this particular local practice.
EOk, I admit, you only see four on a motorcycle once or twice a day — but three is a normal thing. I was nervous about taking this picture, but when the mom saw me with the camera, she had her family pose.


It’s common to see someone giving their spouse, brother, mother, grandmother, etc., a ride somewhere.


Or even his wife AND daughter — I’m betting this guy doesn’t worry about working out his legs when he goes to the gym.

Friendly Sherwin Williams paint delivery!

Friendly Sherwin Williams paint delivery!

This guy ran to his horse and cart so he could get in our picture! Sorry my zoom and edit skills aren’t better, he’s raising his bottle of soda to us.

The wooden wheels on this trashpicker's wheelbarrow had a strip on rubber around it -- not all were as modernized.

The wooden wheels on this trashpicker’s wheelbarrow had a strip of rubber around it — not all were as modernized.

Trashpicking appears to be a profession here. When we run early on trash days, we see people with their wheelbarrows, going through the trash at the curb side for recyclables or other valuables. I have, on occasion, felt very frivolous for getting my exercise by running past an older woman pushing one of these wooden wheeled barrows, especially when they don’t have the rubber strips on the wheels.


But of course, there are big, modern air conditioned buses.


Along with the newly refurbished old buses


And those buses could easily be following this guy, pushing his very modern wheel barrow down the middle of the main road.

As some people know, Mark worked for an industrial gases company his entire career, me for just a few years.


We never saw this method of cylinder delivery


And I’m going to go out on a limb and say this wouldn’t meet typical US safety standards.


These women made their deliveries the old fashioned way.


And somehow, everyone figures out how to share the road