Water, water, everywhere….not exactly

Volcano Maderas in the background

Volcano Maderas in the background

We spent a lovely day yesterday at Charco Verde — the Green Lagoon, set in the middle of a nature reserve , right by Lake Nicaragua. We met a few groups of people who told us about the tribes of monkeys they saw, but we were never able to find them. We settled for picnicking on the black volcanic sand of the lake, and swimming in the warm water. It’s windy season, so it was rougher than I expected a lake to be, but wonderfully refreshing.


Our view from our picnic spot

And refreshing was important, because, at that point, it had been a day and a half with no water, a problem initially discovered on the previous day, as always, immediately AFTER a long hot run. We are running low on anti-bacterial wash.

Charco Verde is  only 7 or 8 miles away, so Mark suggested we try renting bikes again. Sigh. It wasn’t too bad for me, but in spite of renting from what seems to be the most reputable place on this side of the island, his seat malfunctioned again. I’m pretty sure his knees were hitting the handlebars on the way back. I’m not a speed demon on a bike, although there were several miles when I was going as fast as my daughter’s record (running, not cycling!) in the mile. High school, not college. Yes, that’s pretty darn fast when you’re on foot, but on a bike….not so much! Even with those rough patches, I don’t think I’ve talked Mark into using a scooter yet. Not even with me driving…or is it, especially not with me driving??

And when we got back…. still no water. We smiled (grimaced?) at each other, reminding ourselves that eventually, the tank will fill again. It’s the next day though, and “eventually” apparently isn’t today. People with city water don’t seem to be impacted but our tank is dry.

For a break, we’ve decided to go to the other side of the island for a few days. It’s a three hour bus ride to get there, so who knows what sort of adventure that may turn out to be. Once we arrive, we may find they have water issues too, but at least we will be on the lake, near great swimming beaches, and have a pool…and what a pool it is!

from the hotel website - a fellow traveler sent us one of his pics, and it looks just as nice, so we feel optimistic about this!

This is from the hotel website, but a fellow traveler sent us one of his pics of the pool, and it looks like it lives up to its marketing!