The Simple Life

Our house for the month of April (same one we were in last April!)

Our house for the month of April (same one we were in last April!)

After a lovely 3 weeks in NJ/Indiana/Florida to visit family, we’re back in Boquete! I can’t believe we’ve been here  almost 4 weeks already — what an easy transition returning to Boquete has been!  The simplicity of our life here is quite a contrast to life as we knew it in the US.

The view, a mile or so up the road from this month's house

The view, a mile or so up the road from this month’s house

Our routine is much like it was in Nicaragua – reading, running and working out (the pounds just drop off once we get to the hills of Boquete), daily forays into town (by foot, since we don’t have a car), a little yoga, some get-togethers with friends, and (for me) Spanish lessons.  I still can’t talk Mark into taking them, but he does pay attention when he quizzes me with my flash cards, so he’s learning a little bit anyway. And, since he does most of the grocery shopping, he has the names of foods and spices down pat! We speak only Spanish in class, so surely I’m improving too. One significant difference between here and Nicaragua — we’ve been here almost a month with no water outages!!

At the very least, I FINALLY straightened out the phrase I use to tell little kids I like their shoes – Me gustan su zapatos! For those of you who didn’t hear me tell the story when we were in the States, I’ve always found “I like your shoes” to be a good opening line with the 1-5 year old set. They get new shoes when they grow, and they’re always proud of them. Unfortunately, what I’ve been saying in Spanish isn’t I LIKE your shoes. It’s I WANT your shoes. I didn’t figure it out until one little boy recoiled from me in horror and said no. He was obviously very fond of his pink crocs.  Thank goodness he didn’t seem to hold it against me the next time we met. Lessons learned the hard way stick with you…that’s the last time I forget the differences between querar and gustar!

Me gusta Boquete!