Some photos of Casco Viejo (and tales of our trip here)

Classic Picture of Casco Viejo

Classic Picture of Casco Viejo

Wow, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged! Time flies sometimes. I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but Mark and I are doing some traveling for a month or so.  We took the bus to David, went to the dentist, stayed overnight, and took the bus from David to Panama City. There have been lots more opportunities than usual to practice my Spanish, and I’ve been recklessly flinging around all sorts of ridiculous sounding phrases. For instance, when caught by surprise by the bus attendant who wanted to see our ticket, I said “My husband I can’t find”. The poor guy looked puzzled, since Mark was sitting right next to me. Perhaps he imagined some sort of illicit affair, or an abduction? His imagination didn’t have to run wild for long though, because I quickly corrected myself.

Mark had a misunderstanding with someone in Spanish too, even though she was using one of the words he clearly knows and understands — “bolsa, bolsa, bolsa!” (bag) is what the woman across the aisle was insistently  saying to everyone in the seats around her. I was the only one who got what she needed though – perhaps because I was the only woman? I grabbed the bag with our snacks, dumped it out on Mark’s lap, tossed it to the woman, who handed it to her 5 year old daughter to throw up in. Poor little girl.  But, kids all across the world are resilient.  In less  than 10 minutes, the little girl was happily chirping away about the landscapes speeding by outside.

This week, we are staying in Panama City with my daughter and her friend Courtny,  and have some touristy things planned. We’ve got a condo in Casco Viejo , in a great area, next to the presidential complex, not far from the French embassy — really, a very beautiful area.


View from our terrace


The architecture here reflects the Caribbean influence

Of course, first thing on the agenda our first day here was a run. I naively thought that 7:30 would be a good time to soak in some of the historical sites, when it’s quiet, before the full heat of the day is here. Um, it didn’t quite work out that way. As it turns out, that’s not early enough to escape the heat of the day. It was hot and humid, and I found it difficult to fully appreciate the lovely architecture while I was gasping for breath and had sunscreen dripping in my eyes.  We had to dodge the construction workers and trash collectors, both of which are much needed here. There are empty dilapidated buildings next door to fabulously renovated turn of the century townhouses. Trash is everywhere, even more so than in Granada, but we did see signs asking people to keep the city clean, which indicates an awareness and the probability of improvement in the future.

It's good to see some awareness of the need to keep the community clean

It’s good to see some awareness of the need to keep the community clean

My and my two beautiful "daughters" (only one is actually mine.)

My and my two beautiful “daughters” (only one is actually mine.)

Pretty much the only shot where Mark wasn't behind the camera!

Pretty much the only shot where Mark wasn’t behind the camera!

Courtny and I trying on hats. She ended up buying one, I did not.

Courtny and I trying on hats. She ended up buying one, I did not.

Sightseeing turned out to be better later, even though it was in the midday sun with the mad dogs and Englishmen. (Mark says he never heard that expression before me, so perhaps there are others who don’t know that’s a quote from a Noel Coward song.) The girls looked for souvenirs and Mark scoped out his next run. I’m an every other day sort of runner, so I may be on the terrace drinking coffee for that one. 🙂