On the Road Again

Wintry sky

Wintry sky

It’s winter in Indiana, and once again, we are here to visit my son and his family. We love seeing them, but it’s COLD here. And there’s snow on the road. Wow. Yes, I did live in NJ for 20 years, and should be used to this, but at least then I had long johns and jackets! (Actually, I still have long johns and jackets — but they’re in NJ, which is our next stop on our US tour.)

It was a long trip from Boquete to here – 9 hours of buses and taxis to get to the hotel on the canal, the very first one we stayed at on our arrival in Panama 2 years ago. Then, we hung out all day at the pool over looking the canal, before  catching a 5 hour flight from the international airport in Panama to Chicago O’Hare. We were through with customs around midnight, stayed overnight at a hotel there, and then rented a car to make the 2 hour trek here.

Hwy 65 through Indiana

Hwy 65 through Indiana

Here in the Midwest, we found a NJ style diner, owned by a woman from Mexico. Delicious, with reasonable  prices (often found in Panama) AND great service (rare to find in Panama).The snow makes it picturesque, but not quite as nice as the place in Boca Chica where my friend Holly had breakfast this morning.

NJ style diner, in the Midwest, run by a Mexican family!

Our breakfast place this morning, a NJ style diner, in the Midwest, run by a Mexican family!

Holly and Scott's breakfast place

Holly and Scott’s breakfast place this morning- not Boquete, but wow!

We’re still going to a gym every morning, then spending the afternoons and early evenings with the family. The week is going by quickly, and I’m already predicting it will be hard to leave.

In spite of the 3500 miles or so miles between us, this is the 5th time we’ve seen our grandson in his 18 month long life, and each time,we fall in love all over again! Kevin and Emily have been strategic in their decision not get their son a passport yet, because otherwise, we may have a little extra package in our bags on the way back.

My grandson, riding the rocking airplane my dad built for my son.

My grandson, riding the rocking airplane my dad built for my son.

And he knows he's a superstar!!

And he knows he’s a superstar!! (Roman, not Mark.)

On the plus side, when we get to NJ, we will see all of Mark’s family, plus my two other children AND their significant others, who we will be meeting for the first time. After that, we’ll be in Florida to see my mom and the rest of my family. 3 weeks is a long time to be traveling, but how fabulous is it that we’ll be seeing almost all of our immediate family in that time??