Mark’s take on Running the Isthmus (Cubed): Part 2, Bocas del Toro

The heading for this blog post could arguably be entitled “Running on the Isthmus (Bocas), in the Isthmus (Panama), of the Isthmus (Central America).”  After spending one night and most of a day… Continue reading

Dental Follow up in Panama

The tale of continuing dental woes is not very exciting, which I consider to be an entirely good thing! I went for the implant on Thursday. Our neighbor’s friend was leaving at the… Continue reading

Dental woes in Panama

Just for the record, it’s not all fun and games, here in Boquete. There are some chores you can’t escape, no matter how far you travel. Shopping must be done, the floor must… Continue reading

Mark’s take on Running the Isthmus: Day 1, Panama City

Valerie and I first arrived in Central America on October 1, 2011.  Following a smooth flight from Newark, N.J. we exited the plane at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, grabbed our bags… Continue reading

The milk in Central America, and other ways we eat differently

Mark and I eat differently since moving to  Central America.  I think most of the changes are  for the better. (Although, switching to the local-ish box wine is one that might be hard… Continue reading

Running, interrupted (Mark’s take)

It’s early Saturday morning here in Boquete and I miss my partner.  My running partner that is.  Valerie often credits me with motivating her when it comes to our adherence to a pretty… Continue reading

Update: TIME Top 100 All-Time Novels (6/100 read)

It’s been 18 days, and I’m through 6 of the Time’s 100 best novels, only one of which I’d read before.  It has been a somewhat disappointing  exercise. I expected  to be awed… Continue reading

Running is out, entertaining and reading are in — for a few weeks anyway

Oh no. Disaster has struck. Frogs have invaded the streets of Boquete.  The sky is falling. Flies are swarming. Locusts are in Egypt and Israel. (Really — there are locusts in Egypt right… Continue reading

Amigos and Vecinos and our busy weekend

Our social calendar has been just packed lately. Phew, exhausting (but fun!) , not at all like us. Friday, one of our neighbors arranged a neighborhood get together, for old friends and new… Continue reading

My Reading Challenge

Those who know me know that I am a voracious reader. I’ll read anything, as long as it’s fiction, but mysteries and thriller are definitely my preference. Which is really too bad, because… Continue reading