My very first post on cooking!

Well, it finally happened. My husband actually admitted that maybe, perhaps, he’s getting a little tired of my limited repertoire of dinners. Of course, he told me that what I do is PERFECTLY… Continue reading

La Reina del Sur (and learning Spanish)

Crime! Intrigue! International travel! No, that’s not a description of  life in Boquete, not ours anyway!  It’s a description of my latest tool in learning Spanish — La Reina del Sur, a completely… Continue reading

Rock and roll in the early morning hours!

So, a question for everyone — what would YOU do if you were woken at 4:40 am to a bed moving across the floor and a sound quite similar to that of a… Continue reading

Old School Buses Never Die!

As Valerie stated in her recent post, I also cannot believe how neglectful we have been about blogging in recent weeks, er months!  Thoughts on what to write about have consistently crossed my… Continue reading

Retraction – there IS drama here in Boquete!

Hmm,just a few days later, and I have to print a retraction — there IS drama in Boquete — the Boquete Community Players, to be exact! And their latest production was DELIGHTFUL! Let… Continue reading

No drama here in Boquete

It’s May 21 already!  I love writing for this blog, and was serious when I made a commitment to post something new every week….but I have fallen woefully short this year, especially after… Continue reading

The Simple Life

After a lovely 3 weeks in NJ/Indiana/Florida to visit family, we’re back in Boquete! I can’t believe we’ve been here  almost 4 weeks already — what an easy transition returning to Boquete has… Continue reading

Adios, Ometepe; Hola, San Juan del Sur

We’re not in Kansas Ometepe anymore!! Mark and I woke at 5 A.M. last Tuesday morning. Mark walked to the kitchen sink, turned on the faucet, and for the second day in a… Continue reading

Our leisurely “stroll” up Volcan Maderas

Valerie Says: Our trip to the other side of the island did not go exactly as planned — par for the course it seems, here in Nicaragua. We got to the bus stop… Continue reading

Water, water, everywhere….not exactly

We spent a lovely day yesterday at Charco Verde — the Green Lagoon, set in the middle of a nature reserve , right by Lake Nicaragua. We met a few groups of people… Continue reading