Making do, the old fashioned way

When it comes to manual labor I feel a strong kinship with Central Americans.  Not that my current lifestyle requires me to do much of it, but I totally identify with their modus… Continue reading

No ticket to ride

Mark and I had a true Nicaraguan experience last week, something not at all unusual for the 20-something backpackers who travel through the area, but for a respectable almost 50 year old (almost… Continue reading

La carrera a la cima! (The race to the top!)

So, here it is!  The real reason that Valerie and I have been traveling through Central America over the last year and a half is to train for the Ometepe 100 km (62… Continue reading

Ups and downs of settling in

Someone once told me that job satisfaction is like a sine wave — up and down in cycles. The same thing goes for how you feel about where you live,but wow, that’s misleading… Continue reading

Island Paradise? …TBD

Our voyage to  Ometepe was decidedly uneventful (other than Mark forgetting to put sunscreen on his arms.) It was a beautiful trip. Once the ferry arrived,  we walked 3 blocks with way too… Continue reading

More thoughts on Granada

The last week presented us with several more opportunities (in addition to the baseball game)  to experience  Latin American culture. We ran this morning for an hour or so, then went to the… Continue reading

The journey or the destination?

Those of you hoping for one of Mark’s journalistic masterpieces detailing the game last night are about to be disappointed. Instead, most of what  you’ll be getting is my account of our Experience,… Continue reading

Will this (baseball) season never end?? :)

Valerie came up with the title. Ha. The post is Mark’s. Over the past 18 months a constant refrain from the varied and sometimes extraordinary people we have met has been “it’s not… Continue reading

The Old, the New and the Make-Do

Granada has a rhythm and pace unlike any other city I’ve visited. Mark and I thought perhaps the best way to capture it would  be through a (mostly) photo essay, showing some of the… Continue reading

3 of 3 — Down to the wire

(Valerie says: no doubt about it, with his deep, booming voice, my husband should have followed through with his original plan of being a sports journalist! Even those who didn’t speak English were… Continue reading