The Stage is set – more baseball, Granadino style!

As Valerie and I ventured out early Sunday evening we were both quite hungry but had no idea where we wanted to go for dinner.  We decided to head through the Central Park,… Continue reading

Baseball Fever, Granadino Style — Catch it!!

Mark Says:  It may be January but baseball mania is alive and well in Granada! While the eyes of sports fans in the U.S. were all fixed on the NFL playoffs on Sunday,… Continue reading

Touring the isletas

Mark and I decided to take a break last week ( “A break from what, exactly??”, the oldest of my eleven brothers in law might ask 🙂  ) and do a bit of… Continue reading

Power to the People

Mark and I had a scare today, reminiscent of the “Arab Spring” when I thought my brother-in-law was in Egypt…. Our street is a quiet one that leads right into the central park… Continue reading

Bienvenido a la vida de la ciudad!

Our days in Granada are governed by two things — the heat, and the eternal  search for free wifi. For the most part, not even businesses have ac (although 2 of the 3… Continue reading

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

A restored colonial home, converted to a hotel Well, we’re settled into our one month rental in Granada. This is like no other city I’ve visited, a combination of something you’d find in… Continue reading

We made it to Nicaragua!

Mark and I definitely dropped the ball on communications at the end of our time in Boquete last year, but it’s a new year, and we’re in a new country, and we are… Continue reading

School Days

Well, I did it — signed up for Spanish lessons! I paid in advance for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week, for 10 weeks. Surely I will walk away more conversant… Continue reading

Sunday is Run Day…

MARK SAYS: My favorite time to run, over the last several years, has been Sunday morning.  Since the middle of 2006 the first day of the week has served as my kick start… Continue reading


Mark and I have been venturing out to do our own thing the last few weeks. There’s a new reading/tutoring project at the library I’m going to volunteer for, and Mark — well,… Continue reading