You don’t find these enchiladas in Philly!

I have to admit, we haven’t experimented often with street food while we’ve been in Panama.  We have though, on occasion, wandered into the different bakeries to sample the wares. Mark already talked… Continue reading

Lost in translation

I really am trying, but don’t feel like I’ve been terribly successful with my Spanish.  The school in town currently has just one option — 4 hours every afternoon — which I can’t… Continue reading

Holy Week in Boquete, Panama

Easter here is different than in the States, that’s for certain. There’s SO  many ways this last week was different for me. Panama clearly has different ideas of the separation of church and… Continue reading

Running in Boquete is tough…

12 years ago in April, my brother Kirk talked me into running a marathon.  When we first discussed it, I couldn’t run even a mile without a walk break, but lots of changes… Continue reading

It’s a long way home!

Almost everything is easier when you live in paradise — cooking and cleaning aren’t as tedious, eating healthy is fun rather than feeling like a diet ,even work is better.  In fact, the… Continue reading

The Boquete Blues and Jazz Fest

It’s been raining in Paradise the last two days, and not a light warm summer rain either. It’s a torrential tropical storm like rain that announced itself on the tin roof Monday morning… Continue reading

I love technology!!

Technology is WONDERFUL.   AMAZING.  Typically when I’ve been this grateful for technology, it’s been for work reasons. Surely anyone who has worked for a geographically diverse company must have marveled at one time… Continue reading

One letter changes things.

Everyone says, You don’t need to learn Spanish to travel Central America. I guess that’s true, you don’t NEED to learn Spanish — but you really should. It’s just good manners, and everyone… Continue reading

Mi Jardin es Su Jardin

(THE ENTRANCE TO “Mi Jardin es Su Jardin) This end of town feels very different than the last place we were in.  It’s closer to the coffee plantations, more established, with fabulous gardens,… Continue reading

We’re back! (Online, that is)

Sorry we’ve been out of touch for so long. We moved into our new place and had to order internet service ourselves – yikes.  I have no problem admitting, I was dreading going… Continue reading