Finances are different here

Mark read yesterday that the minimum wage in Panama was raised but wow, it’s tough to figure out what that means here. Apparently, there are different “minimums” based on what sector of industry… Continue reading

When life gives you lemons…

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade.  No, no, that’s not a metaphor for my life, which is going wonderfully  — I have real lemons, from the lemon tree in the back… Continue reading

What’s that smell??

I’ve been waking up for the past few days smelling cotton candy. Faint and light pink, inexplicable, but there it is. It brings to mind the jokes my family used to make about… Continue reading

Cielo Paridiso (Paradise Sky)

Mark and I went on a wonderful hike  on Saturday,  It was a total of 6.6 miles up and down some pretty steep hills. We went out to the local reservoir and back. … Continue reading


Not surprisingly (see previous post), I woke up this morning thinking again of chickens.  My thought is that maybe if I take the time to share some of the observations I’ve made about… Continue reading

First two and half weeks

Hola a Todas! It’s been two and a half weeks since Mark and I left NJ, thought I would officially let you know that we’re settled in, sort of.  We have a house… Continue reading


Here we are, in Boquete, with our very first post. I’ll do my best to keep post current with pics and info!