New blog for Alzheimer’s related things

Being the primary caretaker of an adult is a new role for me, and I have decided that writing about what’s happening will be one way of staying sane. Since Here’s What’s Going… Continue reading

A change of direction

In case anyone is wondering where we’ve been — we are no longer in Boquete. When we visited the States over the holidays, we found that my mother’s Alzheimer’s had worsened. She needs… Continue reading

On the Road Again

It’s winter in Indiana, and once again, we are here to visit my son and his family. We love seeing them, but it’s COLD here. And there’s snow on the road. Wow. Yes,… Continue reading

Holidays in Panama

Although it’s been two years since Mark and I moved to Central America, this Thanksgiving (also our 4th wedding anniversary!) was the first we’ve spent here. Friends hosted a traditional Thanksgiving spread at… Continue reading

“Border Run” to Costa Rica

Doing the “border run” from Panama to Costa Rica is a common thing for expats in Boquete who don’t have their resident’s visa. The Panamanian tourist visa is good for 6 months, but… Continue reading

Yes, we’re still here!

Wow, it’s been a while since either of us blogged! Here’s the speed version update on what we’ve been doing: We had a wonderful time in Panama City with my daughter Melanie and… Continue reading

Some photos of Casco Viejo (and tales of our trip here)

Wow, it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged! Time flies sometimes. I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but Mark and I are doing some traveling for a month or so. … Continue reading

Teaching English and practicing Spanish

Soon after we moved to our current apartment, our neighbor invited me to join the English class she has set up with a few Panamanian women. It was so much fun! I speak… Continue reading

Would this happen in Chicago?

We went into David again last week, for a follow up dental appointment. It was painless, everything is fine, so I’m able to get back to the gym now – yay! Mostly yay,… Continue reading

Habla Ya’s Raffle

My efforts to learn Spanish have slowed, but I’m looking forward to taking lessons again in the fall. Our Spanish school is having a raffle for free lessons. The cost of an entry… Continue reading